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Your Impact as a Surrogate

The joy of parenthood begins long before a baby is born. From the day they decide to have children, expectant parents often cherish every step of the journey. We believe it should be the same for people who choose to have a baby through surrogacy. We want you to be able to look back on the surrogacy experience with fond memories that last a lifetime.

At USA Surrogacy, each couple or individual who comes to us to begin or grow a family is special. As hopeful parents, you have unique backgrounds, perspectives, and priorities. Our team is here to listen, learn, guide you through the process in a way that fits who you are, and match you to a surrogate who shares your values. That’s our promise to you.

Our expertise begins with experience. USA Surrogacy International is led by Dawn Galbo, a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in reproduction and psychotherapy. Dawn understands assisted reproductive technology (ART) because she has lived it. When she was ready to start her own family, she chose ART, a life-changing decision that motivated her to help others with similar dreams.

Just as importantly, Dawn and her team have the credentials and thorough understanding of human behavior to ensure the best possible match between hopeful parents and surrogates. USA Surrogacy International uses rigorous psycho diagnostic evaluations and psychological testing for egg donors, gestational carriers, and sperm doors, and consultations for individuals and couples utilizing ART.

Surrogacy and IVF are major financial commitments. But, speaking from the heart, we believe the investment in family is worth it.

Additional Information for International Parents:

USA Surrogacy International will connect you with an attorney (if you do not already have one) that will help guide you through all the paperwork and documents needed to bring your new family home. The word “International” is in our name by design. We know that you can expect to be in the United States for 4-6 weeks after birth, until the baby is able to board an airplane. We will be with you during this time as well.

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Dillion J. & Ryan T.

Dawn is such a sweet and easy to talk to professional woman! We are a same sex couple who had the pleasure of working with her. You can tell she loves what she does and we are happy to have her as another member of our fertility team! End Quote

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