Gestational Surrogates

What does it take to become a gestational surrogate? Learn more about our process, benefits and how you can help another couple achieve the dream of parenthood.

Intended Parents

The journey to parenthood through surrogacy is an important decision with a wide range of emotions. Our integrated approach will guide you through the entire process.

The Perfect Match

Look for our exhibit booth January 17-19, 2020 at the Men Having Babies Conference in San Francisco, CA. Get unbiased information, access a wide range of relevant service providers, and connect with others going through the surrogacy process. Learn more >

First Hand Experience

Gestational Surrogates

Dawn Galbo, Founder & President, has lived the journey you are on as hopeful parents and I have seen the thrills, and complexities that surrogates experience. That’s the understanding she brings to USA Surrogacy. She is committed to supporting parents and surrogates – and to guiding people who are passionate about the birth process.

Trusted Professionals

Trusted Professionals

Dawn Galbo is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in re production and psychotherapy. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and she operates a private practice in San Diego, California. Her work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families has provided her with a deep understanding of human experiences in multiple social settings and multi-cultural environments.

Decades of Experience

Our Promise

In surrogacy, no two journeys are the same. But I can promise you this: I will do everything I can to make you comfortable throughout the process. I will tell you every truth I have learned and lived. I will be there for you, day and night. And the journey will be like nothing you imagined.

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I have known Dawn Galbo for more than 20 years, and as a associate professor of pediatrics and family medicine at UCSF and a health psychologist, I feel so grateful that Dawn has created the International Surrogacy Agency.

Dawn not only has the mental health credentials but experience working with multicultural intended parents, egg donors, sperm donors and gestational surrogates. She is highly trained in developing programs that adhere to the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and offering insightful, supportive programs that deliver just what people need when they need it!

Also, she has the missing link, which is the personal experience with age related infertility, failed (IVF) pregnancy attempts, and multiple miscarriages coupled with a deep desire to have children. She brings depth and compassion to her work that can only be earned by moving through the agony to find joy. End Quote

Laurel Mellin, PhD

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